On Sunday, October 22nd, Southern Iowa Speedway in Oskaloosa was the place to be. 20 racers showed up for a beautiful late October day of rallycross. The raw results are a little skewed, as a heavy overnight watering of the track meant the first run group had some slick conditions to contend with.  As the course dried out, the elusive grip was finally found and times dropped significantly.

Our fastest time of the day went to Eric L, who, starting in the second run group, took advantage of the drier conditions. Aaron B was just 9 seconds (and probably 130 horsepower less) behind Eric. Clean driving helped Aaron to keep it close and take second fastest of the day despite the lack of power.

Third fastest brings us to one of the surprises of the event, Aaron D piloting his 03 Matrix XRS (your author is a closet Matrix/Vibe fan).  Aaron drove it fast enough to outrun his own muffler on one run.  Cones and a missed gate kept Charles P and his Civic in second, who without the penalties was running almost the same times as Aaron. This should be a fun battle to watch in future events!

Fourth fastest brings us to your author, and on paper a SA win, however I must confess to cheating. Due to our safety stewards needing to be split amongst heats, I was running a modified WRX in stock class. There was no betting involved, so I hope for no lifetime ban.  Your real SA winner was Hugh H, who despite battling the slick early conditions, managed to have all 10 runs be clean! Way to pilot that SVX Hugh!  True second in SA goes to Brian L, piloting the Bugsaabaru, while holding off his son.

Nick L took 7th fastest, and won his class of one in MF. Nick was our course designer, and made sure his stage rally prepped Civic was eating a healthy diet of cones. 

10th fastest, and winner of MR was Keegan S, in his ‘81 Mustang.  It was a joy watching him put down good times, while running one of my favorite engines, the Lima 2.3. 

PF was a class of one as well, but that didn’t stop Jon J from pushing his ‘95 Tercel hard. He managed to only hit one cone for the day too!!

Finishing out the classes is SR. Luke W was pushing his Miata to some pretty impressive times, even while battling the slick conditions of being in the first run group.  Second goes to JJ P., who’s still getting the feel for his Boxter, getting faster every run. Good Job!!!!




I want to thank everyone who made it out, I know we were stretched a bit thin, but you all stepped up to the challenge, and we appreciate it!! I hope everyone had a fantastic time, and I’d love to see each and every one of you November 4th and 5th for our Freeze your Curds event! If you haven’t been to one, it’s an enormous course and lots of fun!!!

Until next time, Jay