Super fast update from event 7

Rain. It did that. 2hr delayed start.

We managed to pull off 6 runs for every run group and out by 4:30pm, not bad.

Course was fast and technical, course workers deserve a huge round of applause for all the running they had to do. Someone should count the total cones hit. Rumor has it Pro Class had 5 clean runs total out of 27 in the morning. Overall I think people enjoyed the course. 

We got to see some old and new faces! Jade who drove in from Baltimore, the GRR Miata Contingent + Turbo E36 + Lotus were there, Hans in his now top 10 at Hawkeye Downs DS Twin joined us, and we had a Nebraskan drive our normal route home from Nationals for some extra seat time before next month’s event. 

I’ll let you comb through the results, but a few highlights.

Emery took top Pax and a Pro Class Win, with a 50.444 he had 2 sub 50 second scratch times. IN A GStreet CIVIC!

Jeff Ellerby took top time of the day and 3rd in Pro Class, only .097 behind Brent who was in 2nd Place.

Spencer Dewey inched his way into 2nd place in Pax in the afternoon with a 51.220, scratched two 50.4’s with cones!!

Bill Sand took fastest vehicle with doors with a 49.2, which he backed up with a second CLEAN 49.2. I hope he got some video I need to see how he navigated the inside loop!

My GR Corolla did very well, but I couldn’t clean up my fastest runs from the morning, the RE71RS really like to be cooled off. Thanks to Jade for co-driving with me, without a co-driver I forget to do 90% of the things I need to do between runs.

Big thank you to all of the drivers who came out and enjoyed the weather both the sprinkles and after, as well as the volunteers who make the Iowa Region SCCA a successful club.

Results are posted here.

August 13th – Hawkeye Downs Speedway – Cedar Rapids, IA – Final Results | Pax Results | Raw Results | Pro Class Results

Hopefully we will see you in a couple weeks at the Iowa City Airport!

If you have pictures or video of the event you’d like to share send it over and I’ll add it to the recap.


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