AutoX is back!

Iowa had some amazing weather last week, unfortunately that weather decided it was time to leave on Sunday. It went from mid 70s down to 38 degrees on event morning. There was even snow in the forecast! This is AutoX not RallyX.

We had 30+ People cancel or no show due to the weather, and honestly I don’t blame them. When I wasn’t driving Troy’s car (thanks Troy) I was legit freezing as were the other 20ish competitors and crew. Thank you to everyone who came out to help and the course workers who pulled triple duty chasing, red flag and radio.

Our first run group was 12 drivers, there was not much time between runs to cool off which was good considering it STARTED SLEETING during the 1st run group. In the driver’s meeting we decided to run all 6 runs in 2 heats instead of splitting it into 4 heats. I think this was the smarter thing to do when comes tire temp.

STR was a close battle with Henry and Shane, they only had a 0.087 split!

Final Results

Pax Results

Raw Results

Pro Class Results

As many of you know we’ve been repairing the Iowa City Airport surface. The surface repairs we completed in 2022 have held up well and we expect to do some more later next month.

See you next month at Hawkeye Downs!


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